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• Whiten your teeth 2-8 shades whiter.
• Only takes 15-30 minutes.
• Self-administered.
• High-quality results.
• Virtually no sensitivity.

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Want To Grow Your Short, Thin Lashes?
LATISSE® Can. Mascara Can’t.
Fuller. Longer. Darker.
In Just 16 Weeks.

For people with not enough lashes, LATISSE® grows lashes fuller and longer so your mascara has more to work with. LATISSE® is the first treatment approved by the FDA to grow fuller, longer lashes. With 16 weeks of daily application, you can see results with or without mascara.

At 16 weeks in the clinical study, lashes were:
• 106% fuller.
• 25% longer.
• 18% darker.
• Longer lashes as soon as week 4.
• Fuller, darker lashes at week 8.
• Full results.
After 16 weeks, talk with your doctor about ongoing use. Individual results may vary.